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Eclipse Necklace & Eclipse Hoop Earrings

Forged from reclaimed metals in the Oregon studio of artist Toby Pomeroy from a single piece of reclaimed EcoGold or EcoSilver and finished with an adjustable black silk lanyard, these pendants are made in a range of sizes and express our commitment to sustainability, continuity, and respect for all life. 

Eclipse hoop earrings are elemental in their grace and simplicity. The hoops have been described as the world’s premier hoop earring: easy to wear, always flattering and suitable for all occasions, from casual to elegant.

Blue Sapphire Sweetheart Ring

Delicate diamonds across the top of this ring draw the eye into the center: a stunning Ceylon blue sapphire in a very popular size. The white halo creates a striking contrast with the saturated rich blue of the sapphire for a classic look.

Ella Earrings

Named after the first lady of jazz, these earrings definitely swing! If you seek adventure and spirited, lively movement, then you will thoroughly enjoy wearing these modern earrings.

Dainty Stackables

Why settle for one ring per finger when you can stack bands for a personalized look? Here we mix and match different artists and styles for a unique wedding band set.