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Susan Fauman Gold Applique & Ethiopian Opal Large “Petal” Earrings

Susan Fauman Gold Applique & Ethiopian Opal Large “Petal” Earrings


These arresting Etiopian opal floral petal earrings are hand fabricated and textured, formed in sterling silver and accented with 24K gold applique. Handmade by Hudson Valley-based artist Susan Fauman in her home studio.

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Her talismans weave sacred geometry and ancient healing symbolism into bold, modern, and meaningful designs. Think of them as healing amulets which serve as “awareness reminders,” drawing you back into connection with yourself and with Nature. Each piece is hand-crafted and infused with care.

Materials & Measurements:

Artist: Susan Fauman Designs

Sterling silver, 24K gold leaf, ethiopian opal

Earrings are approximately 3” long

See our story to learn more about our workshop. If you have any questions or requests, please ask!

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