Natalie La Bruzzy Black Fossilized Coral Double Circle Earrings


Matte sterling silver double circle earrings featuring unique mottled black fossilized coral cabochons. Handmade by Abra-exclusive artist Natalie La Bruzzy.

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Geometric statement earrings with a double circle design, set with one-of-a-kind black fossilized coral pear cabochons. Crafted in sterling silver with a modern matte finish. Handmade by Abra-exclusive artist Natalie La Bruzzy.

With a background in metal sculpture conservation and a deep love for the outdoors, Natalie La Bruzzy utilizes a variety of metal fabrication processes to craft wearable art informed by nature. From layering metal alloys, to creating molds of found objects such as reclaimed animal bones + plant inspired components, to applying proprietary patinas, La Bruzzy combines multiple techniques to create jewelry that is at once industrial and organic.

Materials & Measurements:

Artist: Natalie La Bruzzy

Sterling silver, fossilized black coral cabochons

Earrings measure approximately 2 ¼” wide

We use recycled metal and ethically sourced gems to make heirloom quality jewelry. See our story to learn more about our workshop. If you have any questions or requests, please ask!

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