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Kelim Sterling Silver Scroll Necklace

Kelim Sterling Silver Scroll Necklace


A stunning necklace crafted in matte sterling silver, with sculptural scroll detailing. Handmade and finished by Kelim Jewelry.

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Incredible Scroll necklace in a collar grazing length, featuring sprays of intricate curlicues. Made in bright sterling silver with a modern matte finish. Hand crafted and finished by Kelim Jewelry.

Kelim Jewelry was founded by Meral and Halil, a husband and wife team that hail from Switzerland by way of Turkey who create pieces inspired by the beauty of their conjoined cultures. Known for their clean lines and contemporary designs, they produce modern, wearable jewelry that’s fresh, timeless, and never trendy.

Materials & Measurements:

Artist: Kelim Jewelry

Sterling silver

Necklace measures 17 inches in length

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