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Custom diamond and garnet ring

June 25, 2019
From what started off as sketches….

It is always exciting when we get to start a jewelry piece from the ground up and make something completely new!

This ring was an idea the customer thought about for a long time, and gave us a creative challenge of incorporating heirloom diamonds and gold in addition to an added garnet, which was her favorite gemstone. After the design was approved, we had our jeweler Natalie hand carve the ring in wax. While a wax model is too delicate to wear, it gives a much better idea of the piece’s dimension and size.

With the stones taken out the jeweler makes a mold of the wax sculpture, and uses that mold to cast the design in metal. It comes out rather rough at that point, and needs clean up and polishing that can take hours depending on the piece.

After the careful cleaning and polishing of each groove within this detailed ring, Natalie goes on to set the stones one by one making sure each is secure. This process can vary in length depending on the type & number of settings, as well as the stone’s shape, size, and durability. Setting a hard and sturdy diamond will be easier than something soft and delicate like opal or turquoise.

Natalie setting the stones at the bench.

The end result is a gorgeous piece that is individual and customized. The customer got to observe the design in each step, and we were able to bring an idea to life.