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Vittoria Curl

Born and raised in the wild outdoors, and refined in New York City’s storied Diamond District, Vittoria Curl of Arte*Vitta specializes in creating unique + opulent heirloom quality jewels with exceptional, one-of-a-kind gems.

Driven by a love of all things sparkly and a deep appreciation for nature, Vittoria and her team of skilled artisans combine thoughtful, impeccably crafted designs with conflict-free stones + recycled precious metals. Arte*Vitta’s work captures the myriad beauty and variety of the natural world, conveying strength + fragility simultaneously with a healthy dose of whimsy added for good measure.

A commitment to contributing in a meaningful way means that a portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to a cause that’s close to Vittoria’s heart. Proceeds from the Beekeeper Collection are donated to The Honeybee Conservancy, the Bespoke Beauties Collection supports The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan, while the Oceania Collection goes towards The Ocean Cleanup – just to name a few.

An Abra-exclusive artist and Abracadabra Jewelry’s General Manager, Vittoria represents the best of what sets us apart: incredible + unusual designs, exquisite craftsmanship, ethically sourced materials, and a devotion to supporting our community and beyond.