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Steven & Katherine Lesse

Steven began making jewelry in the tenth grade. He then worked towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. In his last year of college, a “fan” commissioned him to make 12 Om pendants, just like the one he has worn every day since. After gifting 11 pendants, his friends started to call asking for more to be made. This began his long journey towards an eventual lifetime in custom design, establishing what would become Abracadabra Jewelry/Gem Gallery in 1974. More on this story can be found in the Our Story section of our site.


Born in Sharon, Connecticut, raised in Brooklyn, New York, a year in Paris and summers living on a sailboat named KATE B, Katherine came to Ann Arbor in 1978. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in Art History and a minor in Psychology, she managed 5 health clubs for Elaine Powers and then LivingWell Fitness Centers. While raising her 2 young daughters, she co-owned and operated Aardvark Cruisin’ Travel and edited on-line software documentation. In 1998 Katherine and Steven met for the “last time” at the Top of The Park Summer Festival. After much “begging” (on Steven’s part), Katherine joined the Abracadabra Crew as the general manager. In 1999, on millennium New Year’s Eve, Mayor Ingrid Sheldon married Steven and Katherine during a candle lit ceremony held in front of the store safe and many family and friends, sealing their fate as co-owners and partners for life. Katherine introduced computers, websites, point of sale systems, major community giving and helped develop an amazing team of dedicated, passionate, talented professional designers, fondly known as “The Abra Crew”.