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Margaret Gale

A former high school teacher, Margaret first came to Abra during the summer of 2013. Initially, it was just a fun, low-stress (and sparkly) summer job, but when the Crew asked her to join them full time, Margaret was delighted to come on board.  Now she spends her days grading stones instead of essays, and she’s become a fastidious appraiser and designer. Margaret has a deep love for vintage diamonds and enjoys their unique faceting, which she finds adds a lot of character and charm. She’s also very enthusiastic about pearls and is making a concerted effort to bring brooches back into style. In addition to her teaching credentials, Margaret is a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional, a Jewelers of America Certified Senior Sales Professional, and she has also earned her GIA Graduate Pearls and GIA Graduate Diamonds certifications.


Margaret lives outside of Ann Arbor with her affable husband J.C. and their motley crew of rescue dogs, which range from their senior gentleman chihuahua Rocky (who works at Abra on occasion) to the Handsomest German Shepherd in the World McGruber.