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Katelyn Schacht

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Katelyn Schacht

Katelyn’s formative years were divided between Kansas, Michigan, and New Hampshire, where she developed a lifelong passion for the fine arts while attending Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH.

After graduation, she returned to Ann Arbor, where she lived in the student housing co-ops and was active in the Inter-cooperative Council, becoming president of Luther House. As house president, she introduced “Art Night” where housemates and friends could gather to work on creative projects and enjoy each other’s company. Along with her brother and some friends, she also co-founded Luther Fest, an annual music festival held at the house each summer.

Eventually, Katelyn began working for Nature and Nurture, where she learned organic gardening, native plant identification, and edible landscaping. Now Katelyn cultivates and maintains the verdant plant collection at Abracadabra as well as maintaining plots at a local community garden and at home in Ypsilanti, where she lives with her life partner and kitten. In her spare time, she assists her partner with creating and performing whimsical and irreverent shadow puppet shows and installations.

Katelyn has an eclectic aesthetic palette that is balanced by her passion to tell customer’s stories through her work and honor the people, places, and events that have shaped these narratives. She began working at Abracadabra in 2014 and is Jewelers of America-certified Senior Sales Professional.