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Our Story

Passionately crafting and repairing fine things in downtown Ann Arbor.

Abracadabra is a family owned and operated full service jeweler. From inception during the 1973 Ann Arbor Art Fair, the business has grown to specialize in on-site custom jewelry design, production, repair, and appraisal. Our gallery space features exclusive national designers, fair trade international artisans and jewelry made by local, national and international independent artists, including 5 ladysmiths from our own Abracadabra crew.

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to carrying jewelry made from recycled eco-metals, conflict-free diamonds and ethically mined gemstones. We now offer nontraditional metals and lab-grown gems, options to fit any budget. Our goal has always been to offer affordable, unique, guilt-free heirloom jewelry.   

Working closely with our designers, customers draw inspiration from nature, history, art, architecture, lore, love, mineralogy, music, and beyond. One heirloom at a time, Abracadabra’s custom design portfolio has expanded to incorporate dozens of plant species, diverse cultural symbols, and historical design elements from ancient Egyptian Mut to Victorian England Tea Roses. 

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of unique and rare gemstones, including gems mined by our founder Steven, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Helena, Montana and beyond. We are happy to work with less conventional “gems,” including American grown hardwoods, Fordite, Petoskey stone, greenstone and other earth-friendly materials that celebrate our home in Michigan. 

Abracadabra is a member of Ann Arbor’s Main Street Area Association, Michigan Retailers Association, Jewelers of America, Jewelers Board of Trade, Alliance for Responsible Mining, and is a sponsoring member of Mercury Free Mining. Abracadabra is a proud sponsor of Theatre Nova, Wild Swan Theater, Michigan Theater, Allen Creek Preschool, Honey Creek Elementary School, Washtenaw Community Concert Band, and countless other community cornerstones.

Meet the Abra Crew

Natalie Erica Leat Zolg

During her senior year at Capital University, Natalie began her jewelry career via a four month internship at a high-end custom jewelry…

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Steven & Katherine Lesse

Steven began making jewelry in the tenth grade. He then worked towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Wayne State University in…

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Katelyn Schacht

Katelyn’s formative years were divided between Kansas, Michigan, and New Hampshire, where she…

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Moria Barton Sherard

An Ann Arbor native, Moria left her hometown to experience life in Colorado, Arizona and Alaska. An experienced designer, having spent…

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