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Entirely handmade by members of an indigenous South American community. They named their jewelry line MUXI after one of their community leaders.

From mining the silver, to designing the jewelry. These Jewelry pieces are handmade entirely within a closed indigenous community in Colombia. We work closely with a member of the community who brings us these stunning finished pieces, and we are the only retail store selling MUXI jewelry at this time. As fair trade as it gets!

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Muxi Silver Filigree “Circle” StudsMuxi Silver Filigree “Circle” StudsOut Of Stock

Muxi Silver Filigree “Circle” Studs


Fine sterling silver circle studs featuring intricate filigree woven into minimalist discs. Crafted from a higher grade of silver, lending these earrings a brighter white color. Handmade by MUXI, an Abra-exclusive artist cooperative based in Colombia.