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Kohn Trading & Co.

About: Kohn Trading & Co.

Originally founded in 2017 as a trading company for precious gemstones and diamonds, Kohn, the creative mind behind the business, transitioned into the design and construction of high end jewelry in 2021. Kohn is based in NYC and Taipei, Taiwan, where all of the beautiful pieces are created. Their jeweler team is made up of 10 experienced craftsmen, many with 20 to 30 years under their belts, and their apprentices. Designed in NYC and crafted in Taiwan using the universal language of concept and design each individual jewelry piece is a collaboration of ideas and expertise.

Like Abra, Kohn and his team are committed to supporting the welfare of the global community. Kohn Trading Co. pledges to donate more than 10% of their profits to the public and community healthcare systems within the communities where their jewelry is purchased.

In addition, as the craftsmen are based in Taiwan, a portion of their profit is donated to the Taiwan’s National Healthcare Insurance, the country’s public healthcare system. They donate to the insurance program’s special donation account that assists the poorest of the country who are unable to pay for certain higher cost Healthcare related procedures.

Kohn Trading Company’s  distributor,  ACGS Brands Inc, donates a portion of their profit to sponsor the establishment and operation of ChengXie Bodhisattva Elementary School, which is being founded with the goal of being  an educational safe-haven for the poorest children of Nepal.

“Let us enjoy the jewels and splendors we adorn from Kohn Trading Co. and elevate others so they too can enjoy the same. Joy is in the sharing and wearing!”

We had the pleasure of meeting Kohn himself in early 2022 in NYC and we are pleased to present the Fireworks collection as the first of several that we plan to carry;  Fireworks items “capture the sparkles in the night sky – keep them close, and forever”. These earrings embody an explosion of glamor and are meant to move with the wearer to draw admiration from onlookers. Made with 14K yellow gold and diamonds.

A celebration every day you wear them!