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About Kelim

Clean lines and brilliant design characterize Kelim jewelry. There is a rich diversity in the collection that includes over 500 organic and geometric designs that are both feminine and timeless.

The husband and wife design team find inspiration simply from being aware of the intricate beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives. Kelim’s timeless matte sterling silver styles are influenced by the natural beauty of both Turkish and Swiss cultures. Each piece is hand crafted and finished in Istanbul, Turkey and we believe that the warmth of that touch is passed into the jewelry.

Most of our jewelry is matte 925 sterling silver with a fine silver finish. We also incorporate semi-precious stones such as onyx, fluorite, and coral.

It is modern, wearable jewelry that can literally be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with a cocktail dress. The designs are fresh and classic, and never trendy.

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