During her senior year at Capital University, Natalie began her jewelry career via a four month internship at a high-end custom jewelry store in Columbus, Ohio. It was a final requirement for her BFA in Metalsmithing and it provided an excellent opportunity to get her foot in the door at a studio. The internship led to a full-time apprenticeship and then on to her own bench position. Columbus was a great city with plenty to offer, but she missed the lakes and woods of Michigan so she moved home in 2001 and joined the Abra team that fall. After an exciting and diverse overseas hiatus in Japan and Wisconsin (Lake Michigan is kind of like a sea), she came back to Abra in 2010 as a jewelry designer and bench jeweler. She now lives in Brighton with her wonderful husband Nathan and the cats, Adelaide and Fritz the S@#tz.
Natalie favors classic and vintage designs that emphasize not only the materials used in a piece of jewelry, but its overall form as well. Fine details and clean lines lend themselves naturally to timeless jewelry. Yellow gold and platinum are her preferred metals for their richness and soft luster. Like most ladies, she has a thing for diamonds but is also intrigued by the individuality of colored stones, especially pearls. Natalie is an Ann Arbor Visitors Bureau Certified Tourism Ambassador and a Jewelers of America Certified Management Professional.