Until Margaret is elected Prime Minister of Canada, she is contentedly biding her time here at Abra. A former high school teacher, Margaret now grades stones instead of essays, and is a skilled and fastidious appraiser and designer. Margaret’s home life is full of dogs and renovation projects: “I guess that’s what you get when you buy a house that was abandoned for two years,” she shrugs. Margaret enjoys discussing all things dog, linguistics, and her most recent love: pearls. If you can work all three topics into a conversation, she will be thoroughly impressed, right down to her Canadian core. The accomplishments and accolades Margaret can boast about include the following: a B.A. in English, a state of Michigan secondary teaching certificate, an M.A. in linguistics, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional, Jewelers of America Certified Senior Sales Professional, GIA Graduate Pearls, and GIA Graduate Diamonds. She is also an Ann Arbor Visitors Bureau Certified Tourism Ambassador.