Some of the benefits of purchasing through Abra…

When purchasing anything from the designers below through Abracadabra, including individual customizations, we will be your advocate to ensure a smooth and easy transaction. You will also receive….

  • A complimentary appraisal (a $85 value) of your piece along with a lifetime of free appraisal updates to send to insurance companies so that you can rest easy knowing that your able to insure your piece against loss, damage, or theft.
  • Free clean and check services as often as you’d like. It’s like taking your jewelry to the doctor for a check up! If any stones are loose, we will tighten them at no cost.
  • Silver sizer rings for customers to take home and wear before committing to a ring purchase. Ring sizing is one of our most challenging tasks because finger sizes fluctuate a full size or more. With a temporary ring, you can come in and adjust the size as many times as needed to ensure the absolute best fit.

And most importantly, we will always negotiate a better price than buying direct while still supporting the artist!

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An A.Jaffe ring is built with exceptional beauty and comfort in mind.

An A.Jaffe ring is greater than the sum of its parts, but its parts are beyond exceptional. Our gold is 100 percent nickel free and our 18k gold is alloyed with 40 percent more palladium than that of other jewelers, ensuring our gold stays bright white for years to come. And because our rings are hypoallergenic, their fire might startle your eye, but they will never irritate your finger.

The signature design includes a subtle squaring of the shank to minimize twisting while the patented interior provides comfort, and allows your skin to breathe. It takes up to 80 hours to create a single A.Jaffe ring, so you can wear it with the same confidence that was put into its creation.

A.Jaffe rings can be customized for any shank type, gold color, finger size, diamond shape and diamond size. Each special order comes with a custom blueprint for review and approval.

Create your own collection that’s as unique as you and your story.

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania, Alex received his graduate degree in industrial design from the Lithuanian Academy of Arts in Vilnius. His studies included interior design, glass making, sculpture and painting, with a graduate work in jewelry design. With a strong understanding and respect for precision and balance, personified by his father, a well-respected architect, Alex developed a great passion for the intricacies of his craft, creating a world that can be truly appreciated only under a microscope.

Alex immigrated to the United States in 1988. Within a few years, he met a young jeweler, Jeffrey Feero, whose intuitive knowledge of running a business was a compliment to Alex’s creative genius. Quickly garnering the attention and respect of his peers, Alex Sepkus’ efforts earned him the Jewelers of America New Designer of the Year Award within his first 5 years. Gaining national and international recognition, Alex’s designs are showcased in over 100 of the finest specialty stores around the country from Fox’s in Seattle to Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC.

Today Alex Sepkus employs a dozen craftsmen who work side by side with him to execute the difficult hand finishing that makes his jewelry so distinct. A microscope is mounted on each craftsman’s bench in order to insure the fineness and delicacy required of each piece. In each Alex Sepkus showcase there is the old – looking “loupe”, which invites shoppers, customers and admirers to inspect the intricacies of each piece of art and to appreciate the fine detail that raises the standard of excellence of all work that carries the Alex Sepkus name.

Arte Vitta jewelry embodies creativity. Inspired by caving and outdoor adventures, informed by an education in fine art, and refined on NYC’s 47th Street, this designer’s one of a kind jewels feature fine gemstones in exquisite cuts and vivid color.

Designed and hand-crafted by Ann Arbor artists, this colorful collection features vibrant gemstones for bold, wearable jewelry designed by women, for women.

The butterflies Butterfly Artworks uses come from butterfly farming projects and rain forest sustainable use systems. The butterflies live out their natural lives and are then harvested. By the marketing of these and similar sustainable use products, rainforests gain economic viability, creating a strong incentive to leave them in their natural state, while at the same time providing needed income for local peoples.

Cheyanne Symone is the embodiment of elegance and ease specializing in timeless handcrafted indigenous style jewelry with the professional woman in mind.

Cheyanne Symone was founded by Brittany Cheyanne Turner, with roots from the people of the red earth, Haliwa-Saponi Tribe in Hollister, North Carolina, and a grounding in doing business in the good way. Brittany designs and handcrafts each piece of jewelry in Ypsilanti, MI.

Cheyanne Symone crafts with the next seven generations in mind, and strives to secure a sustainable supply chain that is both clean and ethical. We believe in sourcing ethical materials with fair labor practices and minimizing our carbon footprint.

“At Chris Ploof Designs, we are proud pioneers in widening the field of luxury contemporary metals. We study, invent, document and master our work. We forge meteorite iron with exquisite attention to its longevity, have adapted the strength and beauty of ancient sword making secrets into wearable, stainless Damascus steel, and we famously fuse luscious color combinations of gold, palladium, platinum and more in our Mokume Gane.

With these skills, plus brilliant stone setting, our team of dedicated artisans stands ready to help you express yourself, your love and the magic of your exceptional life.”

Columbia Gem House is proud to supply fair trade gems: beautiful natural gemstones and jewelry produced with respect for the environment and fair conditions for the workers who mine the gems and craft the jewelry.

Trigem Designs™ is part of Columbia Gem House, a vertically-integrated gemstone mining, cutting, and marketing company founded by Eric Braunwart in 1977. Trigem Designs creates designer jewelry featuring gemstones, manufacturing each piece in the company’s U.S. headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. This makes Columbia Gem House one of the few companies in the world that can take a gemstone from the mine to the finished jewelry design.

Now more than ever it’s important to know exactly where your jewelry comes from and how and where it was made. In keeping with our Fair Trade protocols, we design, manufacture and assemble all of our jewelry in the USA.

A creative spirit like Diana Heimann’s knows no bounds. It can’t be hemmed in to a single collection or a limited palette of materials. It evolves and so does the jewelry that results from its expression. The result are collections that all bear the unmistakable style of Diana Heimann yet have unique features that make them separate yet cohesive collections of rings, earrings, necklaces and reversible enhancers.

All Diana Heimann jewelry features meticulous hand-wrought detailing and a pleasing sense of balance. They give it a certain sense of lightness and richness that complement each other.

Distinctly alluring—the true essence that embodies every Ed Levin design and individually created piece of jewelry. Handcrafted in the historic Victorian village of Cambridge, New York, Ed Levin Jewelry has been creating original and captivating designs for over 60 years.

The Ed Levin vision is to “Create a sense of wonder, while expressing something significant.” Using age-old techniques and only the finest metals and stones, our master jewelers are artists who consistently carryout that vision through three-dimensional wearable works of art.

Distinctly alluring designs with an eye on innovative, timeless beauty sets us apart from trends and other jewelry designers. Our passion is to inspire the wearer by enhancing the body and inspire the soul. Instilled with authentic elegance, Ed Levin Jewelry is an experience that will delight you today and for years to come.

“Using our collection of thousands of antique, hand engraved hubs, dies and rolls we bring to life some of the most beautiful and exclusive jewelry ever designed. All of our designs are created with ethically sourced, conflict free gemstones and metals.”

All HUGO KOHL jewelry is made by hand in the USA.

Indiri brings you the finest quality artisan crafted .925 sterling silver jewelry from the island of Bali.

Each item is Fair Trade and hand crafted with pride in villages that specialize in ancient jewelry making techniques passed down through generations.

Your purchase helps preserve the ancient traditions of this unique island by providing fair and sustainable income to Bali’s independent artisans.

Internationally recognized as a master of Mokume Gane, James Binnion has spent over thirty years crafting exquisite, one-of-a-kind women’s and men’s engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

Clean lines and brilliant design characterize Kelim jewelry. There is a rich diversity in the collection that includes over 500 organic and geometric designs that are both feminine and timeless.

The husband and wife design team find inspiration simply from being aware of the intricate beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives. Kelim’s timeless matte sterling silver styles are influenced by the natural beauty of both Turkish and Swiss cultures. Each piece is hand crafted and finished in Istanbul, Turkey and we believe that the warmth of that touch is passed into the jewelry.

Most of our jewelry is matte 925 sterling silver with a fine silver finish. We also incorporate semi-precious stones such as onyx, fluorite, and coral.

It is modern, wearable jewelry that can literally be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with a cocktail dress. The designs are fresh and classic, and never trendy.

We make wedding rings that men actually want to wear. Inspired by men, designed by men, and made for men.

From exotic hardwoods and diamonds to the source of our precious metals, all Lashbrook materials are ethically sourced.

Our journey to change the way men think and feel about wedding rings began in 2000, when Eric Laker founded Lashbrook. Eric named the company after his great-great-grandfather, Lashbrook, an immigrant who was among the first western settlers. With nothing but earth’s natural resources and landscape to work with, Lashbrook helped build a city and lay the foundation for what is today the thriving state of Utah – truly a pioneer for his time.

We honor his pioneering spirit today as we innovate and overcome preconceived limitations. We started with just a handful of styles that were finished in Eric’s garage. It has now progressed to millions of style variations. Every ring is made from scratch with high-tech machinery and high-touch craftsmanship from our state-of-the-art facility located in Draper, Utah.

From the artist herself:

“Hi, and welcome to MUXI!

I moved to the US from Colombia when I was 10, I’ve been wearing Colombian filigree jewelry since I was a baby. That’s all I wanted for my birthday and for Christmas. Whenever I’ve wear it, EVERYBODY asks me where I get it.


I have great respect for each piece, MUXI jewelry makes me feel like a bazillion bucks. MUXI’s purpose is to empower you too!

Master artisans hand-craft MUXI’s pieces. They make it look so easy with their good humor, that I like to think that a bit of their light shines through their work.

Thanks for supporting MUXI!


I am interested in the interaction between metal and nature. I use a variety of metal fabrication processes to make my work, often layering different metal alloys, raw stones, mechanisms and cast natural objects. By contrasting the fine delicateness of organic elements with the harshness of metal; my work turns fragility into strength.

My creative process often begins with urban and natural real world exploration. I’ll walk along railroad tracks, where nature and industry exist side by side. I have an attraction to old architectural craftsmanship; I appreciate the rust in historic industrialized settings, and the care that is put into the well-kept shine of modern & historical objects.

Pippa creates jewelry influenced by natural forms and and subtle textures; handcrafting each Pippa Jayne Designs piece in recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones – characterized by an organic and rustic feel.

“My jewelry line is designed with nature, simplicity and love. I was inspired initially to create jewelry that I wanted to wear every day – designs that celebrate love, sentiment and raw beauty.”

Rebecka Fröberg’s jewelry reaches back to the fairytale narratives and natural surroundings of her native Sweden. She believes in jewelry that enhances the beauty of the wearer and contours the movement of the body. Her aesthetic of simple beauty communicates values of strength, faith and love, where each piece has its own story, designed to mean something special to its owner. Something to last a lifetime and treasure for generations.

Sustainability Practices 
At Rebecka Froberg Jewelry we look to nature for inspiration and the creation of our jewelry. Therefore it’s our responsibility to be sensitive to our environmental impact and have regard for the earth we leave for future generations. We use the finest materials from trusted American suppliers and are always searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, using environmentally friendly resources and practices as much as possible.

All jewelry is produced in our Brooklyn based studio. Producing locally is a significant way to reduce environmental impact and encourage local economic development. Due to the negative impacts of metal mining, 100% of our gold and silver jewelry are made with recycled metals, some chains and findings excluded.

At our studio we capture and recycle our own metal scrap and waste. We also recycle paper and packaging materials, use  permanent instead of temporary items (such as plates, towels, etc.), have energy-efficient light bulbs and frequently send out e-cards in place of post cards. Small changes that make a big difference in the long run.

A charm is a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand to relive precious memories or recall special occasions for a lifetime.

It is the classic collectible. No other gift captures a moment as clearly as a fashionable and affordable charm. Each charm tells a story.

With thousands of charms available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10 Karat Yellow Gold, 14 Karat Yellow Gold, and 14 Karat White Gold, you are sure to find the right charms to commemorate an event, share a special moment or highlight a hobby. A charm is one of the easiest, most memorable gifts you can choose.

All Rembrandt Charms merchandise comes with a Lifetime Warranty, reflecting the craftsmanship, dedication, and commitment of our entire staff. All of our Sterling Silver products are Rhodium Plated to prevent tarnishing. Just what you would expect from a company that values quality and craftsmanship as much as you do.

Rembrandt Charms is a family owned company that has been designing and manufacturing charms and charm bracelets solely in the United States and Canada for over 45 years.

Sholdt was founded as a jewelry repair store in 1935 by Milton Sholdt. 75 years and four generations later, Sholdt has become an internationally recognized workshop for bridal and custom jewelry. For all that time, every single ring has been made in Seattle.

You want to recapture that brightness, curiosity and beauty that you felt as a girl, collecting treasures in a box and climbing trees in a dress. Before anyone ever filled your head with “shoulds” and “can’ts”.

And you believe that the right reminders can help you feel that connection.

My jewelry has been called bold and strong and feminine. One client told me that it looks like the things Wonder Woman and her sisters on Themyscira would wear.

And I can’t argue with that! Wonder Woman, Jem and the Holograms and Frida Kahlo are my muses. But I’m also in constant awe of Nature and all of her artworks, from the twists of the tiniest twig to the rush and power of the ocean.

I believe that your connection to Nature and her rhythms is what keeps you healthy and whole and that adorning yourself with beautiful reminders of that connection is a celebration of life.

My inspirations?
Ancient sacred geometry. Yoga. Ayurveda. The 5 Elements. My amazing whole-hearted clients and friends. That feeling of “rightness” in my gut. Old things that show their wear. Eva Hesse. Hilma af Klint. Frida Kahlo. Anish Kapoor. Andy Goldsworthy. Clouds. Water. Stone. Dirt. Indian Tantric minimalist painters.

The result is unique, bold, feminine adornments which feel ancient and modern at the same time.

Founded by award-winning jewelry designer, Tammy Kohl, Takohl Fine Jewelry offers the finest custom designed jewelry imaginable. From designer rings and engraved custom pendants to unique keepsake jewelry. Located in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop, Takohl Fine Jewelry is a leader in custom jewelry design.

Thorsten Jewelry is a cutting-edge brand specializing in wedding bands for both men and women. Alternative metals have changed the jewelry industry, resulting in an increase in popularity and demand nationwide. Thorsten supplies jewelers with only the finest and strongest materials used in rings, including tungsten, ceramic, fossilized dinosaur bone, and titanium, hardwoods, and carbon fiber.

Growing up in India, Toby discovered his commitment to life in balance. Today TOBY POMEROY™ is a world leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry. The launch of EcoGold and EcoSilver set a new standard, defining ethical luxury in ways never seen previously. Marrying timeless design with social responsibility, TOBY POMEROY jewelry truly makes sustainability beautiful.

Inspired by the patient craftspeople of India and touched by the natural beauty of the environment, Toby became fascinated with nature-influenced design. Today, TOBY POMEROY studio is a handful of young artists who, fascinated with texture and form, live to work with their hands. Their commitment to live, learn and create in harmony has the artisans forging reclaimed and source-certified, Fairmined TRUE GOLD™ metals into graceful forms inspired by the simplicity of nature. While technologies have come and gone in the over forty years that Toby Pomeroy has designed jewelry, his studio continues to pursue the purity of the ancient craft. Like their process, the studio’s designs are timeless, refined and beautiful.

We are a craftsman run workshop specializing in authentic Celtic jewelry and mixed metal designs. We specialize in Celtic knotwork wedding rings, crosses, brooches and much more in Sterling Silver and Gold. Our workshop and gallery is located in the Village of Andover in rural Allegany County of Western New York State.

People Matter

We are very committed to supporting the miners, lapidaries, designers, and metalsmiths that create our jewels. Discover the artists and artisans that you support when you shop with us.