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Cheyanne Symone

About Cheyanne Symone

“I started Cheyanne Symone in 2018 when I saw a need for high quality and sustainable indigenous style beaded earrings that were versatile enough to be worn everyday in a professional work environment and yet bold enough to make a statement. Cheyanne Symone is a combination of my identity as an indigenous woman, environmental/energy scientist, and artist.” – Brittany Turner, Cheyanne Symone Founder

Ypsilanti, MI-based Cheyanne Symone is woman-owned + operated with founder Brittany Turner at the helm of an incredible team. Hailing from Holister, North Carolina, Brittany is a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe – people of the red earth. Using responsibly sourced materials, each piece is meticulously handcrafted using traditional beading techniques, and takes up to 8 hours to create.

With an emphasis on sustainability, Cheyanne Symone jewelry represents the truest intersection of beauty, tradition, and artistry.

Abra met Brittany one fateful day when she stopped in to commission a custom ring for her husband. After hearing about her vision, process, and ultimately seeing her work, our crew fell in love. We’ve been proudly showcasing Cheyanne Symone ever since.

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