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The Abra Blog

Dicesore Designs

About Dicesore Designs Dicesore Designs is handmade by Michigan Local Blake Dicesore. Blake uses unique one of a kind gemstones to create luxurious designs. Shop Dicesore Designs Sold OutRead more Dicesore Designs 18K Yellow Gold, Citrine & Diamond Pendant $7,230.00 Sold OutRead more Dicesore Designs

U of M Football & Basketball

Welcome U of M Football & Basketball Fans! Click the images below to see different artists we think you will love! Chris Ploof James Binnion Moroka We Dream In Colour Arte* Vitta Featured Products Add to cart Lashbrook Designs Zirconium, Gold & Silver Mokume Gane

Bloomfest 2022

Join us for Bloomfest 2022! Shop in store & receive a 10% discount on the Featured Artists. Also come check out our Selfie Station! Try on some jewels in store & take a selfie, then post the photo on Instagram. Be sure to tag @abrajewelry

aCleoni Jewelry

About aCleoni Jewelry aCleoni Jewelry, founded in 1986, creates jewelry influenced by the art of adornment throughout history, as well as stone lore, and in combining inlay with bezel set stones, a new evolution of aCleoni jewelry emerged. aCleoni’s trademark lies in keeping the design

Zodiac Jewelry – Libra

Libra Symbol: Scales Dates: September 23 – October 22 Element: Air Color: Pink Stone: Peridot Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus. This sign is all about beauty, romance, and feminine energy. They love to look their best, but don’t like jewelry that’s too flashy;

Jewelry You Need This Summer 2021!

Sunshine and summer have arrived abruptly. Which means it’s time to revisit your jewelry collection! With the relaxing of social distancing restrictions and a gradual return to some of our favorite pre-pandemic pastimes, this summer will be the time to dress up, visit with friends

About Us

From Abracadabra’s start during the 1973 Ann Arbor Art Fair, our business has always been locally and family owned and operated. Our brick and mortar doors opened at 205 East Liberty Street in 1976, when our founder, Wayne State alumnus Steven Lesse, expanded to include

Zodiac Jewelry – Virgo

Virgo Symbol: Maiden, Dates: August 23 – September 22, Element: Earth, Color: Browns/Greens, Stone: Carnelian Virgos, an earth sign ruled by mercury, are known for their meticulous planning and organization. This sign is all about the logical and practical approach to life. They lean towards

Zodiac Jewelry – Leo

Leo Symbol: Lion Dates: July 23- August 22 Element: Fire Color: Orange Stone: Onyx Leos adore the spotlight. It’s all eyes on them, and their jewelry reflects that. There is something naturally alluring about a Leo, and they will gravitate to jewelry that draws people