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Susan Fauman Designs

About Susan Fauman Designs

A long time Abra tribeswoman, we’ve carried Susan’s work since earliest days at the bench. We know that her pieces are more than jewelry – they’re talismans. Weaving sacred geometry and ancient healing symbolism into bold, modern, and meaningful designs, each piece is one-of-a-kind and draws you further into your awareness. Think of them as healing amulets which serve as “awareness reminders,” drawing you back into connection with yourself and with Nature.

Every Susan Fauman piece is hand-crafted and infused with care, using methods + materials that are kind to the earth and our bodies. She utilizes recycled metal, thoughtfully sourced gems, and works exclusively with vendors and stockists who’s ideologies align with her own.

Susan began her jewelry journey at Abracadabra in the late 1990s, like the true woman-warrior she is teaching herself code to create Abra’s first website. She even created the original artwork for our shop owner’s very own wedding rings, incorporating their faces into artwork inspired by Klimt’s “The Kiss” (View/Shop Kiss Ring). We’ve had the honor of witnessing Susan refine her process + flourish as an artist over the years, and are thrilled to represent her work.

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