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K.G., 2019

It is the most gorgeous ring of white sapphires I could imagine. Anya and the Abra family business staff were so friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive of what we envisioned. I’ll never get over how beautifully they made it all come to life! đź’Ť

J.C., 2019

Creative, knowledgeable, personable, and very kind staff. When you commit to creating a ring or a set of rings from Abracadabra you are not just making a jewelry transaction – you are beginning a new relationship. They will walk through every step of the process with you when the ring is being created, and offer…

S.H., 2019

Absolutely amazing. They helped me and my fiance design an engagement ring via email, and they were patient, helpful, and honest through the whole process. The ring turned out perfect and we couldn’t be happier, I would definitely recommend for custom jewelry/engagement rings!

King Elementary PTO, L.L., 2018

Thank you for your generous donation….We are tremendously grateful for your company’s support….The proceeds have already provided school supplies and curriculum-enriching field trips for all students, supported arts and sciences with the purchase of new musical instruments and STEM kits, installed a new native plant garden and much more. We could not do it without…

J.G., 2018

Moria has repaired and created several pieces for myself and my wife over the years. She is amazing and her designs and professionalism are top shelf. Recently met Vittoria and absolutely love her designs, which are as beautiful as they are unique and imaginative. Can’t wait to see what these ladies create next!

D.P., 2018

Wonderful Staff. Excellent service and an exceptional inventory of incredible gems and handcrafted pieces.

Wild Swan Theater, S.R., 2018

Dear Steven & Katherine, At this time of year as we take the time to reflect on all we are grateful for, I wanted to reach out + tell you how much your support means to me, and to our Wild Swan Community. Thank you for your steadfast support throughout our years! I hope the…

J.A, Glacier Way Preschool, 2018

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Glacier Way Preschool auction. Our auction was a big success and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without donations like yours. Thanks again!

N.H., 2018

Rachel LOVED her engagement ring and said yes! Woohoo! She wears it all day every day (barring showering and working out) and stares at it incessantly! Thank you so much for everything.

S.P., 2018

The ring is beautiful and Elise loves it!!

Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, M.S., 2018

Thank you so very much! We appreciate it so much.

S.H., 2018

I ADORE my ring!!!

A.V., 2018

The ring was a big hit! Thank you so much for you help through the whole process.

Humane Society of Huron Valley, L.C., 2018

Thank you again for Abracadabra’s donation to the Compassionate Feast! It was a huge success- we surpassed our goal and raised $98,305! These dollars will go a long way toward helping animals in our community. Thank you for being a part of it.

A.K., 2018

I’ve had several good experiences with Abracadabra.

P.S., 2018

She adores her ring and says it’s perfect! Thank you so much for all your help.

S.T., 2018

I proposed to my girlfriend last Sunday and it went more than well. She also loves the ring. Everything is sooo much smaller than on the drawings but you still see the details.

G.S., 2018

That is exactly what I imagined; it’s gorgeous, and I’m thrilled.

K.C., 2018

Thank you and the entire team for putting this amazing ring together!

A.M., 2018

I am so so in love with my pearl necklace! I can’t thank you enough. I love it! Thank you so much.

S.H., 2018

Got the ring in the mail, absolutely love it! So excited to give it to [surprise!], I think she’s going to love it too. Now I just need to find the perfect time to propose!

M.L., Wild Swan Theater, 2018

That’s terrific news! Thank you for your continued support—we truly appreciate it!

J.A., Glacier Way Preschool, 2018

Wow – thank you so much!

A.S., 2018

Friendly and knowledgeable! They have made several custom pieces for my wife, all of which are stunningly beautiful.

G.R., 2018

I presented the rings this morning and she said yes! Thank you again!

Southeast Michigan Doula Project, C.B., 2018

Thank you so much for your generous donation!

PPMI, W.G., 2018

Wow. This is so very lovely. Thank you.

Humane Society of Huron Valley, C.L., 2018

Thank you very much, this will be a fantastic addition to our silent auction! We greatly appreciate your support.

Washtenaw Community Concert Band, G.L., 2018

The band appreciates the Abra support!

P.Q., 2018

Visiting your shop was so gratifying.  What talented jewelers you represent and what a profusion of wonderful pieces!  All the best.

K.W., 2018

Keith’s ring is beautiful and he is really enjoying it! It is a nice replica of his original ring – now he just needs to get used to wearing it again. 🙂

K.M., 2018

Thank you for making my 45+ year old wedding and engagement bands look brand new! You are the best!

A.F., 2018

The work you’ve come up with and Moira has brought to life is absolutely inspired- we can’t thank you enough! I’m so in love with everything you’ve imparted in your design. Thanks for again perfectly capturing a huge moment in our lives. 

M.J. & L.B., 2018

We love our rings.

M.K., 2018

I had an amazing experience at your store with my first set of engagement & wedding ring, and I’m so happy to have a repeat with my 10yr anniversary & the 40th birthday present! You have been wonderful and you and the Abra Crew make the ring all the more special for me :). Thank you…

I., M. & L. 2018

She absolutely loves the ring. I am still amazed by how it turned out. I showed the ring to Lizzi’s parents a few days before heading overseas and the only reason her mom didn’t run off with it was because it wouldn’t fit. Thank you for all your help on making our engagement perfect!

K.H., 2018

I got a ring resized here last summer and had a wonderful experience. It was a ring that my grandfather gave my grandmother, who in turn gave it to me, so it has a lot of sentimental value. I don’t even think it is worth much but that doesn’t matter to me and staff still…

C.S. & J.K., 2018

Thank you so much for making our awesome wedding rings!! We love them.

P.M., 2018

I had a bunch of jewelry repairs by Abracadabra on Liberty. They did good work.

R.L., 2018

Try Abracadabra downtown on Liberty. They did that [heirloom rings checked and resized] for me and I was pleased with the results.

R.F., 2018

[Recommending] Abracadabra on Liberty – Steve and Katherine do quality work.

N.S., 2018

The ring arrived safely today. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for everything

S.R., 2018

I’ve worked in sales and sales management for the entirety of my career and always did my best to make it easy for the customer–within reason of course. I also wanted to ensure that the customer had a good experience with me and any company that I may have been with at the time. You…

A.L. The Women’s Center of SE MI, 2018

Thank you so much for supporting women and families in our community! We truly appreciate your kind donation. 

A.J.V., 2018

Be weWOW. LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY. It is truly spectacular. Margaret, I am very grateful for your, Katherine, and Moria’s help in bringing this to life. It has been fantastic working with you all. You’ve made a dream come true. Thank you!!


They were wonderful, informative, and patient. Thank you for helping him design the ring of my dreams!

M.M., 2018

Thank you so much for walking me through all this. Matt told me how awesome your team was when he was helping to design my engagement ring. So thankful to have such a collaborative jeweler to work with 🙂

K. H., 2018

I would like to sincerely thank you.

S. E., 2018

10 years ago we had Moira help up bring our designs to life. To create 2 very unique pieces of art for my wife and I. We then had jackets made for them. We moved to South Carolina and had to send them back to have some shooishing up and some maintenance. We decided on some modifications to my ring and they lovingly now refer to mine as the Sparkle Bomb. Amazing talented team and will soon have them create a new project. Thank you so much.

S.O., 2018

Thank you for sizing this awesome ring up for me. You are the best. I love my treasures that you have made. Peace.

A.S., 2018

Thanks for the great job you did on my opal ring repair!
Happy Spring!

T. & J., 2018

Hey, Katelyn! Thank you so much for your amazing help, and the extra time you pent with Jeff + I on creating our gawwjus engagement ring. You really went above + beyond on working with a very picky/indecisive me. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but when I do, I’ll be coming to show you!! <3 You made a potentially stressful, hard, and nervous process really fun, easy, memorable + special. We adored you!! It was really fun getting to know you, and share this with you! 

S.W., 2017

You guys are geniuses!

W., 2017

I second Abracadabra. I love their designs and the staff has been super helpful every time I’ve been there.

S., 2017

We had our custom ring made at Abracadabra and my wife loves it. They took about a month more than they quoted but we had plenty of time. The price felt very reasonable as well, though I’ve never had any other custom jewelry made before so I’m hardly an expert.

M., 2017

Abra is AMAZING! They did custom rings for my husband and I. I wanted alternative stones so mine looks like a twisted tree and has green tourmaline to mimic leaves. They do amazing work!!

J.M., 2017

Quinton proposed to me yesterday! The ring is absolutely stunning and everything I could have ever dreamed of. I’m so pleased with it – thank you for creating it! I cried and am so happy!

S.K., 2016

“I just wanted to write to say how happy I have been with my ring and earrings. I wear them both probably 3 days week and just love them. I already got to show grandmother, who approves! I love being able to have something from her that also feels like it’s totally my style. Thanks for all your help making the transformation happen.

K.G. + L.F., 2016

My new ring is here and it’s PERFECT! It’s Damascus steel and it fits like a glove. I can’t thank you enough for going through all of the trouble that you’ve gone through to get this ring to me. From meeting us at the store when you were on winter break to all of the middle man communications you did between the jewelry maker and me, I really appreciate everything that you’ve done. Abracadabra is going to get the best Yelp review ever. You’ve earned a customer for life.

L.G. + A.S., 2016

Thank you so much for all your help, and your patience talking through ideas and looking at options! Aaron and I walked out of the store just feeling so happy and relieved! It was, in Aaron’s words, pretty much the perfect experience.

R.G., 2016

I’ve purchased pieces out of the case in the past. For a significant birthday, I worked with Katelyn and Moria on a custom piece – it is beautiful! My wife loves it! Such a pleasure to work with them – will definitely continue to use them in the future!

C.A., 2015

I am sending all of my gratitude for your amazing artistry and technical skill in creating such a stunning piece of jewelry!! It was hard to believe that you accomplished that with only the aid of photographs! … It brought tears to my eyes first to see it myself; but then to see her delight in receiving it, I cried all over again. Thank you for helping me to bring so much joy to the one I love!

L.C., 2015

I commissioned a custom pair of earrings for my wedding and they turned out beautifully. Very helpful in figuring out a design that fit with my budget and timely service.

J.B.+D.H., 2015

I just wanted to thank you for creating my beautiful engagement ring – it was so amazing to see you turn what was in my head into a real work of art that I will wear everyday and cherish the rest of my life. [We] both enjoyed working with you so much – thanks to you [Natalie] and the rest of the Abra crew, we couldn’t be happier!

J.B., 2016

I can’t speak highly enough of Abracadabra! I am surprised to see I haven’t already written a review, but I’m about to move away from Michigan, so it is time to share: Abracadabra designed a beautiful custom engagement ring for me, which included an unusual diamond that was on consignment. Natalie worked with us through…

A.C., 2016

I recently purchased an engagement ring from Abracadabra and had a wonderful experience! I had an heirloom stone that belonged to my great-grandmother that I wanted to have as the centerpiece of the ring. I had been to a few other jewelers in A2, but the Abra crew were the only ones who didn’t try…

K.P., 2014

I love my wedding ring, thanks guys!

J.S., 2014

This store is wonderful! You should check it out. The staff is very helpful and they have a great selection of beautiful items.

H.N., 2014

Great work! I’ve had the best experience with them to choose an engagement ring. The team there were highly knowledgable, patient, and very pleasant to deal. I would not hesitate to recommend Abracadabra for any occasion!

P.R., 2014

Each piece of jewelry I have from there is simply delightful!

K.S., 2014

Love it!!

P.R., 2014

Steve and Katherine are the nicest, hardest working jewelers in Michigan. Not only is the product beautiful, but the service, approach, and kindness from all their staff is unparalleled. The staff was consultative, excited for our wedding and… On top of all of this, the rings and metals are environmentally conscious, you won’t find that many places. I don’t ever plan on having to buy a wedding ring again; but for all the anniversaries and special occasions involving those purchases Abracadabra can count on my continued business because they’ve done everything possible to deserve it. Keep up the excellent job you have been doing all these years!

T.B., 2014

They did an amazing job on my husband’s mokume wedding band. Designed and made by designer Chris Ploof, I would definitely return there. Superb service all around.

A.R., 2014

Awwwww…..thank you Abra! You are the most magical place on earth…. can’t wait to come back.

D.L., 2014

Moria designed my engagement ring (from other family jewelry we brought in.) She’s amazing!

C.L.W., 2014

I’ve had some great experiences with Abracadabra. They’ve made a few pieces of jewelry for me and repaired some. They’re excellent.

D.R., 2013

thank you so much for your help Lindsey!

C.P., 2013 (North Texas)

Just wanted to touch base with you. Back in the fall of 2007 I came to you from North Texas to have a pair of rings made for our wedding. You made the most amazing rings for us and a matching pair of earrings. We love mokume with the sapphires and diamond. I receive comments on them on a regular basis. Not many people can say that they frequently get comments on the unique style. Thank you for making our dream rings!

S.O., 2013

We just wanted to say thank you! We came in on Saturday to look at the damascus rings, and left with a beautiful pathways pattern ring. We are extremely happy with it, with the excellent customer service, the great price, and with the fast inspection and repair I had done on my own engagement ring while I waited, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

T.I.+J.M., 2013

You guys are the best! My rings are now perfection. Natalie did an amazing job! (no, we’re not surprised) Thank you all!!

J.M.+C.F., 2013

I asked.  She said yes.  Thank you for everything you all did to accommodate us. read more

T.C+J.H., 2013

Pippa, Thanks for all your help! We love coming in to Abracadabra to see you. 🙂

A.H.+E.LD., 2013

Hey Abra Crew! I love my engagement ring! It’s beautiful, different, and definitely “me”. ^_^ Thank you for all your work on it for us – – (we) will be back for our wedding bands in a month or 2!

K.S., 2013

Thanks for creating an awesome new pendant for me. I LOVE IT!! Isle Royal Greenstone wrapped in sterling silver.

M.H., 2013

My fiance loves her ring…….. which makes me a very happy man!!!!!!

We Love Ann Arbor, 2013

We love shopping local for custom jewelry at Abracadabra! read more

J.K., 2013

You have such a great selection of HIGH END gems! I made this from gems that I purchased at your store. Made my client VERY happy.

K.M., 2013

Hi Abra Crew, Here’s my lovely pendant in action at our party. With two dear friends 🙂 … I am getting so many compliments on this beautiful pendant…thank you Abra Crew! read more

B.S., 2013

Hi Abra Crew! WE ARE ENGAGED! :)” “Absolutely gorgeous! But then, I’m biased 🙂

Anonymous, 2013

Great store, very nice staff. We have meteorite rings – absolutely beautiful.

C.H., 2013

Dear Lindsey, Moria and the rest of the Abra crew, The proposal was a success; Julia adores the ring… Thank you so much for working with me to create such a special piece. read more

G.M., 2013

Abra rebuilt a family ring that I thought had been lost.  My wife surprised me with it for my birthday. It looks better than ever! Thanks Abra Crew. read more

J.J.L., 2013

Thank you so much, Abra Crew! I absolutely love my ring!!!

Anonymous, 2012

My then fiancĂ© took my grandmother’s ring to Abra. Together he and Natalie designed the perfect engagement ring. When it came time for my wedding band, it was so smooth and simple. We also purchased his wedding band there and Pippa was so patient and knowledgable. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else for this very important part of the wedding planning.

O.F., 2012

I have bought and ordered several items at Abracadabra for myself and for my family, and every time and every instant the items were unique and the work was perfect! There were a couple of difficult things they did for me… and I can not be more grateful for the heart and creativeness they put in the work. However, what really does set Abracadabra apart from other jewelers – is their collection of precious and semi-precious stones. … Steve (the owner) is a great fan of different cuts, and he always has something outstanding to offer – no matter, for smaller or bigger budget.

M.P., 2012 (San Francisco, CA)

Thank you again for all your help and generosity during this process – I’m getting more and more excited… The ring arrived today and it’s beautiful.  Thanks so much!

D.H., 2012

Hi Pippa, thanks again for helping me make my engagement a success :).

T.L., 2012

SHE SAID YES!!! I have to say Pippa, Natalie, Steve and the rest of the crew, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for everything — this was one of the best weekends of my life, and so much of it is thanks to your hard work and quick responsiveness. I am excited to introduce Melissa to you, and tell you all how it happened!

R.C., 2012

Hi Pippa, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you last, but apparently not the same for Noah!! haha. Thanks so much for helping him design and bringing to life such a beautiful ring. I absolutely LOVE it!! Its perfect for me!! 🙂

H.C., 2012

He absolutely loves it — Thank you so much for such prompt and quality service! You are awesome! I really could not be happier with Kevin’s ring! He gets so many compliments on it and I would not have wanted anything different to present to him on our wedding day. It was so special to give him a ring from Abracadabra, where his dad purchased one decades ago! I truly felt like I was treated like a friend, not a customer throughout the whole experience. I never felt like you were trying to sell something I could not afford or did not need. Not to mention you were so patient with all my questions and concerns! You truly took my needs and created a masterpiece and did all that in the super short time frame I allotted. Thank you Abracadabra for making our dreams come true for Kevin’s wedding ring!

N.F., 2012

The ring just arrived. It’s amazing!! LOVE IT!! Many thanks to all of you!! read more

N, 2011

The people who own the jewelry store were great– super friendly and always very informative about what they were doing and why certain things cost what they do. I always felt like we got a little lesson in jewelry-making every time we visited. If you are looking for custom designed rings, or just looking to have something fixed or appraised, I highly recommend them. They’re a terrific local business and do great work.

L.B., 2011

My husband did an amazing job picking out my engagement ring on his own – and Abracadabra really made the search so much easier. Now that I have my engagement ring and wedding band from Abracadabra, I’m really happy to say that the staff is super friendly and will do their best to help you with whatever you need. I look forward to a lifetime of cleanings and “re-dippings” at Abracadabra!

K.M., 2011 (Traverse City, MI)

Hi Katherine and Crew, Just a note to let you know how thrilled we are with all the work you did for us. Thank you for your time and care. Everything is lovely. Hope the snow is thawed and you are into spring weather 🙂 Thanks again, you are the best!

A.G., 2011 (Baton Rouge, LA)

Pippa – I got my “refurbished wedding ring and it’s beautiful!! I want to thank you so much for your help and the ring looks great, more what I wanted initially. The stone is pretty and the setting fits so much better with the ring.
Thanks for the great service. I’ll be back!

N, 2010

When we walked in to Abracadabra, in Ann Arbor, it was a completely different feel and experience. Everyone was friendly, willing to help, and genuinely as excited for our final product as we were. The staff worked closely with us for several months custom making our rings. We communicated via email, which was very convenient for me. I look forward to working with the Abracadabra crew again!

B, 2010

Terrific staff and great selection.

J+N, 2010

We wanted to thank you for your help with the beautiful rings. You were so patient, reworking multiple designs and wax casts. The rings were perfect and were a wonderful touch to our special day. We are both so grateful to you and the Abracadabra team for making them possible!

Y+C, 2010

Thank you so much for all your help and attention when we came into your store! You’ve created the perfect ring for us and I absolutely love it! He proposed to me with it last weekend in Traverse City and the moment was all the more wonderful with your custom creation. I’m so glad we came to Abracadabra. We will definitely be back for our wedding bands and any other custom jewelry in the future. Thanks so much all of you!

S.B., 2010 (Livonia, MI)

I had Abracadabra put my Great Grandmother’s ring back together (long story) and they did a wonderful job!… it shows the dedication to his (Steven’s) clients and to jewelry and gems that he puts so much effort and time in to everything he does. Thank you Abracadabra!!… the OWNER of the shop was about to go on vacation with his wife (and co-owner of the shop) and took their personal time to get the precise size of diamond that I needed for my ring! They brought it back to Michigan from New York City and put it into my ring… Talk about customer service!! My family always come here first when looking for the best jewelry because they can always deliver!… So they are awesome, end of story!

A+M, 2010

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had with you creating our wedding rings! You made us feel so at home, which was great because we were there every Saturday for a month! All of you are so genuine and talented. Your business will continue to do well and we’re so proud to be a part of that tradition.

B.G.+J.Y., 2010 (Saline, MI)

The ring is a universal symbol of eternal love. The Abra Crew designed a unique ring which captures the essence of our relationship: the good times at the beach, the location of our engagement and the safe harbor of our love.

C+J, 2010

Everyone that saw our rings were very impressed. The woman that facilitated our ceremony had to take a moment and look at them she was so stunned by their beauty. I believe that says everything about how well you all have done, and we want to thank you for everything! We look forward to continue doing business with you.

L.N., 2011

My husband and I love Abracadabra! They made my engagement ring and both of our wedding bands – all of them are beautiful! …All of the jewelers and artists at Abra put in an immense amount of time with us to get every detail of the rings just perfect. …We also love the fact that the stone and all of the metals are sourced ethically and in an environmentally sound manner. And we love that our rings are handmade by local artists from the town in which we met. We really only have the best things to say about Abracadabra and recommend it to anyone looking for jewelry with a lot of heart and meaning in it!

C.P., 2011

Hi Natalie, Thank you for doing such a nice job on the design.

M.W., 2011

“Greta, I am so excited to get this ring! The whole experience in coming to the store and making the selection has been a wonderful experience. My husband and I are still very much in love. We created a beautiful memory in choosing this ring. Thank you to you and all the Abra crew.

S.D.+J.Y., 2011

I wanted you to know it was a pleasure working with you to create my engagement ring.  You did an amazing job, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Thank you for being so accommodating and flexible.  I am one happy customer and wouldn’t hesitate to send people your way for all their jewelry needs! read more

K.K.R., 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I continue to be thrilled with and dazzled by my ring. It’s so much fun to look down, see it and get giddy about it all over again! … Thanks again for all of your help in finding the perfect setting for our diamond!

D, 2009

I just wanted to drop you all a note of thanks. I absolutely love my new ring! I appreciate all of the creativity, thoughtfulness, flexibility, efforts and skills involved…I will treasure this ring always! Thank you so much!

R, 2009

The piece of jewelry was everything I had hoped. She was very much bowled – over by it. I really appreciate the time you took to actually research exactly what I wanted and to finish and ship it before her birthday was amazing.

C, 2009

This place was fantastic! The staff is very great and doesn’t pressure you at all. This place basically gives you what you want because they can basically customize anything! They are very professional and not too expensive compared to other places! I would highly recommend going here!

T, 2009

Truly amazing vendor. Very dedicated to providing their clients with exceptional service and quality. We originally purchased our rings from other referred vendor. After we picked up our rings, I noticed scratches and loose diamonds. I was so upset and had a friend refer me to Abracadabra. When I took them in to get ideas, they offered to remake the ring. They were able to recreate our rings and have them done in plenty of time for our wedding. i am so happy that we went with them. i will be back and will refer to anyone looking for an amazing jeweler.

L.W., 2008 (Flint, MI)

The owner of Abracadabra helped us out and was such a sweetheart.  He was patient and sat with us even though we probably looked crazy… Another time I went in there the woman who helped me poured over catalogs with me, again, very patiently. One of my favorite reasons to go in here, however, is their doggie… it gives the place a real chill, welcoming vibe.  I think it’s awesome when businesses have a well-loved pet hanging out, it puts everyone in a good mood.

K, 2008

This jewelry store in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan is amazing! They can custom make just about anything you can think of (in fact the owner made a ring using the painting “The Kiss” as inspiration when he made a ring for his own wife… pretty interesting). I liked the vintage look and picked out a beautiful custom made white gold with interesting floral swirling designs. The staff are very approachable and not pushy at all. Highly recommend this shop!